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Micro’s Flow NOZZLES have been in use since 1971 in a number of Power Projects and Captive power plants for Refineries, Chemical,  Petro-Chemical, Fertilizer, Steel Plants and other process Industries. The Flow Nozzles are manufactured in a Variety of designed and standards as per ASME MFC-3M,  ASME 19.5, ASME-PTC6  ISO 5167/BS 1042,R.W. Miller, L.K. Spiink etc.  

Flow Nozzles are manufactured to stringent specifications as per codes. The throats & entrance sections are highly polished and bores accurately machined for optimum performance.

Flow Nozzles are supplied for direct mounting between flange or welded with the branch pipes. The "Weld in type" Flow Nozzle s are welded wither direct to the branch pipes or are provided with the "Holding Ring "design. Welding is carried out as ASME Codes and care taken in centering the Nozzle in the branch pipes prior to welding as per code requirement.



MFNA 10 Flow Nozzle assembly is a weld in type in with upstream and down stream branch pipes. The end of the branch pipes are Butt Weld as show. Flanged ends along with mating are also available. Flow Nozzle design is Long radius with D, D/2 tappings.


MFNA20 is a long Radius flow Nozzle mounted in the pipe by Holding Ring arrangement. Flanged ends along with mating flanges are also available. Flow Nozzle is Long radius with D, D/2 tappings

MFNA30 is a long radius Flow Nozzle mounted in between weld neck flanges. Flanges ends along with mating flanges are also available. Flow Nozzle is long radius with D,D/2 tappings. Flow Nozzles with Throat Taps are also available.


MFNA40 is a Long Radius Flow Nozzle assembly suitable for smaller line sizes and Flow Nozzles where Holding  Ring type design is not preferred. Material of Flow Nozzle is generally the same as pipe material. ISA 1932 Flow Nozzle is also the available in this design but with Corner Taps





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