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History with Rosemount

  • The relationship started with Rosemount India in 1985, supplying them Valve manifolds, Orifice Plates & Flow Nozzles

  • Started with Emerson Singapore in 1999 with Valve Manifolds and expanded to Orifice Plates, Flange Unions, Flow Nozzles, Venturi’s,

  • Restriction Orifices, Multi Stage Restriction Orifices & Integral Orifices

  • Supplied over 75000 Valves & Manifolds to Emerson Singapore since 1999 and execute approximately 2 to 3 order per day on short delivery.

  • Received “Strategic Supplier Award” for the year 2002-03 in June 2004 from Emerson Process in Beijing, China, for the year 2005-06 in 2007 at Singapore and for the year 2006-07 in 2008 at Minneapolis , USA  

  • The very strong history with Rosemount resulted in GREAT year on year growth in business relations.

  • Rosemount recommended that it is essential to protect the growth to achieve “Win Win” for both organizations with appropriate operation strategy that can offer “Speed” & “Flexibility

  • Micro Precision started training & implementation of lean techniques from July 06.

  • Micro Private Labels / Brand Valve Manifolds , Orifice Plates and Flange Unions for Rosemount


Rosemount Team at Micro Precision Products  Pvt. Ltd Faridabad Mfr. Facility




 Micro Quality -World-class
We have developed from a national player to a renowned manufacturer catering to global customers. Today, our customer base stretches across the five continents."


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