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Micro’s  Themowells have been in use since 1968 in a number of Refineries, Chemical,  Petro-chemical, Fertilizer, Power plants, Steel  plants and other process Industries. Micro manufactures a full line of Bar Stock Thermowells  for protection to temperature sensing elements. Bar Stock Themowells are precision drilled and each Thermowells is checked for concentricity to provided uniform wall thickness and heat transfer. Thermowells are highly polished on the outer surface to provide long life.

Taper, Straight and Stepped Thermowells are available up to 1000mm length from Bar Stock and built up Thermowells up to 2500mm length. Normal Bore sizes available are ” and 3/8”. Other bore size are also available.  Due consideration is given to vibrational effects so that wake frequency will not equal resonance frequency of the well. Themowells can be supplied   Hydro tested and Radio graphed as required.

Themowells are available in Screwed, Flanged and Welded type design. Materials of construction are Mild Steel. Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Monel,  Histology,  Brass, Duplex, Super  Duplex etc.




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